Taking the summer off from the internet. Sorta. (( + 42 pictures…))

I think, before I lost the use of a computer, I had started a post, but never finished it. I don’t even remember now what in the hell it was about.

Taking the summer off from the internet was not really my choice. I think I mentioned before about how my husband let me put my hard drive into his working machine, and we’d just share time on it…well, that didn’t work out too well. I’m not into sharing, to be honest. Apparently, he isn’t either, even though he said he was. It because more of a hassle to me, actually, than it was worth. So, about two weeks ago, I took my HDD out, and said ‘fuck it. I’ll get back online in September’. I really haven’t looked back. Sorry internet, I haven’t missed you like I thought I would.

But, last Friday, we went to the beach… Let me back up a bit:

As most of you know, while I’ve lived in this town for almost 4 years, my knowledge of this town is zilch. Seriously. I’ve only adventured around like twice, and I can only say that I remember doing it exactly *once*. However, the week before last, I went out adventuring with the kids. Mike and W. and Mac drove down to the tennis courts, and G., L., and I walked. ((I was in a walking mood)) Well, by the time we got down there, W. said ‘Hey, do you guys want to go over to Lindsay?’ ((Which is a brook that runs for miles through the woods…)) I asked how far it was, and he said about 5 minutes. We went. I could of kicked myself in the ass for not grabbing the camera. In the middle of the woods, beautiful light, and the perfect spot for pictures. Yeah, I’m a dumbass. We were there for like an hour, when Mike comes down and says “Hey, W. ((not my W.)) told me about this lake…Wanna go see if we can find it?”. I was thinking that it was a lake, so it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find. But I also know there’s a lake just beyond the one that we always go to, only, I’ve never been there. That one is Farrah. W. goes there all the time.

I said sure, and we went. I honestly didn’t think we were going to find a lake on the road that we were on. For starters, we passed the lake we usually go to ((which is Musquash)) and about 10 minutes later, we turn left onto this dirt road, which is labeled as a logging road. :\ Ok. So, we go 4 miles in, and I’m thinking, ‘There’s gonna be a lake out here?’. ((Mike did say that not many people go there…but there’s a beach)) There was another road to the left just after the 4 mile marker, and we turned down there…and thank christ we have a truck. There were some friggin huge ass rocks in this “road”. ((All dirt, with grass in the middle…holy hell.)) However, we did end up at a lake. Like, in the middle of the fucking woods. And it was beautiful. Huge, and surrounded by mountains…wow. I was floored. And again, didn’t have my camera.

Anyway…we stayed for a couple hours that day, and promised the kids we’d go back the next week and spend an entire day there…We did just that on Friday. We were there at 11am, and didn’t get home till 8pm. ((It’s a half hour ride, each way…)) It was like 90+ degrees out, and, get this, we had the entire place to ourselves all day long. Seriously. There was no one else there. For the first time, almost all summer, my camera got a lot of use. The results are below. ((and the rest of the blog will follow…))

You could hear the sounds of frog song on either side of us…and the kids came back, and while I was laying on that blanket ((and I’m not afraid of frogs, at all)) it’s a bit nerve wracking when your kids come up and drop 5 of them on you.

Close-up of the one above. This was when all the frogs took off for the water. I didn’t blame for hoping fast: those pebbles on the beach were damn hot!
Then, while walking the edge of the water, we found a school of, catfish, I think they were…
Mac caught a baby…and I promptly made her put it back so it wouldn’t die.

L. found a rock shaped like a heart πŸ™‚
I shot over 300 pictures, and only about 1/4th of them were in color. It was hazy out, and color didn’t seem to work too well on the water. It was great on the woods, though πŸ™‚

I spotted this guy in the water, and W. went and got it. I had no idea just how big it was!
Mac gave me a feather…and these things were on it, and we have no idea what they were…
It took W. a minute to realize the girls were poking him with a stick.

My kids brought a bar of soap with them. Like my shower isn’t good enough for them or something.

For the rest of the day, I shot in b&w.

Mac was saying “No”, she would not hand over the PSP.
put on a song she likes πŸ™‚
…and perhaps one she doesn’t like πŸ˜‰

G. got in front of my camera all of about 5 times all day. She refused to let me take her picture 😦
I got many shots of W. ((he’s the one I never get pictures of, because he won’t let me shoot him…))

W. got sick of me taking his picture, and went to the water to put his face under. I guess he thought if he did that, I couldn’t shoot him anymore. He was wrong.
Once he realized I’d followed him, he didn’t much care if I continued shooting him πŸ™‚

out of focus, but I still love it. πŸ™‚

yep, thems my babies πŸ™‚
We caught the sunset on our way past the lake we usually go to πŸ™‚
We are not the family portrait type. My smile is all fucked up because I saw W. getting ready to give L. bunny ears, so I was holding his hand and squeezing the shit out of it. Yep, we’re good like that.

Now, there’s still like probably another 20 pictures I could put in…but 42 to a post is prolly enough. We had a really, really good day πŸ™‚ After the kids had finished swimming, we all just sat around and talked about old times…W. telling us a story ((and I vaguely remembered it)) that had us laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe and tears were streaming down our faces. That took about 10 minutes to recover from. We ended the day by cooking in the fire pit there, and roasting marshmallows while telling “yo mamma” jokes. Around 7:30pm, a couple of trucks full of guys showed up. We figured it was time to go…I guess we were a bit spoiled by having the beach to ourselves all day…Also, I was pretty sure Chewy was probs. going nuts at that point.

We got home at 8pm, and I made the kids ice cream sundaes, and then we all relaxed on the sofa, watching ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. L. fell asleep first, and then around quarter of 10, me and Mac headed to my room, where I believe we were both out in under 10 minutes. Best. Nights. Sleep. Well, no *ever*, but in a long, long fucking time.

Since then, I’ve been busy around the house, and in the garden. My pea plants are finally producing pea pods! I might be able to pick some tomorrow πŸ™‚

As for now…W. has some friends over for the night. I’m going to watch last nites True Blood, and then go water the garden…then it’s dinner, and who the hell else knows…We’ll see πŸ™‚

Until…I honestly don’t know…


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