Mrs. Lovett, everyone’s favorite Old Lady

Our cat, Mrs. Lovett, who is probably most known for being the cat in this photo, titled “Baby and her Baby”…


…was taken from us last Tuesday 😦

We were having some decent weather, and Mrs. Lovett, never a cat to be kept in when she whined at the door, dammit, was outside enjoying the semi mild weather. Most likely trying to catch herself a chipmunk. ((Her favorite meal…after half and half, of course))

Only Mac, and W. and I were home ((The girls and Mike were at basketball practice)). I was making dinner, and W. was waiting for his ride because he had practice later on too. I saw some headlights in front of the house. W. thought it was his ride, but instead, it was Wendy. ((Mom to a friend of Mac’s)) She came in, and asked if her little boy could come up after school. I said sure, and then she said that I had a problem. I was super confused, and I was like ‘Uh, I do?’ and she says, ‘There’s a cat at the end of your driveway. I didn’t do it. I don’t know if it’s yours’.

Immediately, I was taking a mental note of who I knew was outside: Bellatrix, Mrs. Lovett and Hammie. W. went out to see ((mind, it was dark out)). I was just pacing for those thirty seconds that seemed like a million hours. I saw W. walk up to the front deck with a ‘awwww, damn’ look on his face, and immediately I said ‘Mrs. Lovett…it’s Mrs. Lovett’. Mac immediately gasped and started to bawl. W. came in and said ‘It’s Mrs. Lovett”.


I had to walk away for a second…and I managed to keep my shit together. ((For Mac’s sake…)) I asked W. where she was, and he said that she was at the end of the driveway. I asked if Daddy would run her over if I didn’t go get her, and he said yeah, he would. So then I asked if he was sure she was dead. “Well, a log truck went by and she didn’t even move, so I’d say yeah”.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go get her or not. I tried to do that same thing once before, about 8 or 9 years ago when my cat Sammoe got hit by a car back in Mass. I managed to cross the street and cover her up, but as soon as I went to pick her up, I lost my nerve and had to walk away.

I couldn’t do that this time. I had to be the grown up since Mike wasn’t here. Also, I didn’t want to have to wave Mike to the side of the road…So, I grabbed the first blanket I saw and threw on my coat and boots. And told W. to come with me. “I was gonna”, he said.

Out in the driveway, I couldn’t see anything. Then, I saw her. Well, saw where she was, anyway. I stopped a few feet away, and turned my back on her, telling myself that I could do this. I turned back to her, and was going to get her when W. said “Um, you might want to let this car go by first, Ma”. Not that I was in the car’s way: she was over the white line on our side. Literally a step away from the driveway. A step away from safety.

In the dark, all I could see was that her mouth was open. If it hadn’t of been dark, I know I wouldn’t of been able to go get her. So I covered her with the blanket, and then wrapped it around her, and picked her up, holding her close to me as I walked back to the house. When I got to the deck, it hit me. She was so so so warm. And then I lost my shit.

I brought her into the mudroom, and knelt down, cradling her, and crying. I stayed there for a minute, and then I set her down, and went into the house.

I bawled and blindly cleaned up the kitchen, then came out to see how Mac was. Thankfully, she was watching her movie, and I gave her some ice cream.

W.’s ride showed up, and then I had to call my Mum, because I had to talk to someone. ((Not that Mac isn’t someone to talk to, mind. Just that I didn’t want to upset her anymore))

When Mike and the girls came home, I told them about it, and they lost their shit too. ((Not Mike, but the girls…to be fair though, Mike doesn’t like any of my cats. Well, any of them other than Mrs. Lovett. She was his baby.))

He asked if she looked nasty, and I told him I didn’t know. In the dark she looked fine, I said. He went out in the mudroom, and when he came back in, out of earshot of the girls, he said she looked nasty. I didn’t ask what that meant, because I didn’t want to remember her any other way than the way she looked that afternoon when I’d last seen her.

So, this is for Mrs. Lovett. Our Old Lady ((she was almost 6 years old)). Our ‘Fattie’. The one would would meow for the kids milk when they were eating cereal, and get on the counter a bazillion times a day in the hopes that she’d get some of my half and half. The one who would wine at the shed door instead of the front door. The one who was the best at catching chipmunks and birds. Who, on more than one occasion, would bring a live chipmunk into the house so she could watch us chase it… the one who, when we had that mouse just sitting in the corner, went up to it and just looked at it for a second before sitting down and sniffing it before walking away. The one who would jump in your vehicle and take a nap in there if you left your window open. And if you went for a walk in the woods, you’d have to say “Hey, Mrs. Lovett, wanna come for a walk?” before you left the house. And she’d follow you in the woods, constantly giving off a meow to keep track of you.

She was the last of our cats that had a connection with Fiona. ((Fiona was her mother))

She was our favorite.

And we miss her.

“Kitty in a Sleigh”, Mrs. Lovett, 2008

Brother and Sister. Zero ((left)) and Mrs. Lovett ((right))

“Brothers Are Evil” Zero ((left)) and Mrs. Lovett ((right))


One of our walks through the woods, Mrs. Lovett ((foreground)) and Fiona ((background))

Proud Mum Fiona ((left)) and Mrs. Lovett ((right))

Outtake shots from ‘Baby and her Baby’






And more Mrs. Lovett. ((She loved to roll around in my garden before the plants would come up))



IMG_3119 copy

IMG_3120 copy



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