Oh Spring is never gonna get here. Never.

Spring officially starts in 2 days.
I call bullshit.
We have like 4+ feet of snow on the ground, and it’s like minus degrees in the morning.



I need this cold weather to go away so I can get back to being productive. The first few months of winter is ok. I look forward to the snowstorms, and getting cozy by the wood stove. I like the look of the shed all full of wood.
But, now it’s been winter for 5 months, and I’m done with it. I want to open the windows and smell fresh air. I want to wake up to sunshine at 5am, and sit outside to drink my coffee, hear the sound of a lawnmower at 6am…
I’m sure the kids would like to go to school with just their clothes, and not a backpack full of snow pants, gloves, hats, boots…
I know, I know. There’s millions of people just waiting for nicer weather.
Nice weather ((sometimes I can do this in April, sometimes, not until May)) for me means getting my bedroom back. Mike and I don’t have a bedroom. Our house has two bedrooms, and I have two kids in one, and two kids in the other. So, in the warm months, we have our bedroom in the mudroom. ((It’s a big mudroom)) We spend all spring, summer and most of Fall out there. It’s not insulated, so it can’t be used in the winter for more than a place to take off your shoes before you come in. But, it’s perfect in the spring and summer. It’s big…not huge…and by most peoples standards, it’s probably not big at all. So I’ll say for the size it is, it has 5 windows, not counting the windows in the door. So, for me, it’s the perfect room, when I get to use it.
However, that’s a few months away.
For now, I’ve begun painting again.
I re-did the kitchen woodwork over the winter ((back in Dec…or maybe it was earlier than that)). I have a bit that I never got to finish. Also, when I started the walls, I knew I didn’t have enough paint to finish. So, the kitchen has been half done for a whir now. Only, last week, the kids had a snow day. I spent two days before, having been off from work, repainting my stairs… On their snow day, I took the kitchen wall paint and just painted until I ran out. On less than a quarter of a gallon of paint, I got 98% of the first coat on. Yesterday, I I got another gallon, and plan to get as much done as possible tomorrow. The kids have the day off from school, so I don’t have to work… I’d like to get it done this week so that this weekend, I can start on the living room.
Three years ago, I painted the living room, and have hated it for the last two and a half years. But I’ve been so undecided about what color to do it. However, lately, as we’ve been adding a few things to the living room, it became clear that navy blue would be the new color. I couldn’t find the exact color I had in mind, but I found one more or less as close and thought it would work just fine. It’s a few shades darker than our chairs, will go with the rug, and the curtains will offset the color perfectly.
I can’t wait to get started 😀
I have work today, and then L. and G. have basketball practice till 4. Then, at 5, W. and G. have a hockey game. Thursday the girls have an away basketball game. But I’m pretty sure as of Friday, they don’t have anything going on.
Tho, Friday is my birthday. I think it’ll be the first time since we’ve lived here that they’ve had nothing going on on that particular game. They usually have a practice of some sort…tho, usually, they don’t have anything on Fridays…
I don’t much care about my birthday, but when mine goes past, I have Mac’s and W.’s to look forward to 🙂 Mac is on April 11th, and W. is May 27.
Aside from photos going up to instagram, I don’t have anything new to show. I barely use my camera in the winter ((aside from school/ work stuff)).
I suppose I’d use it more if I could easily get my stuff off of my work computer and onto my external hard drive.We don’t have a family computer anymore, as both our hard drives have died. I don’t do too much on my work computer, because it doesn’t have photoshop. Boo. 😦
Also, I don’t want to load it up with my personal stuff with my external hard drive being what it’s been lately. I used to use tuxera’s NTFS to write to my external. Because when I bought it, I was on a Windows computer. Then, I had to move to a mac and needed a program so I could write to it. ((It’s formatted for windows…and I have 13 years of stuff on this thing)) NTFS always worked great for me, then suddenly, I couldn’t use it anymore. I moved from a white macbook to a macbook air this past September ((it’s work issued…I don’t own it)) and could only get a trial of the tuxera program. ((I won’t spend money on software for a computer that I don’t own)) So then I got Paragon. I tried it out last week, and I don’t know if it’s Paragon, or my usb wire ((I can’t find another usb around here, either, of course)) but whenever I try to copy *anything* from my HDD to the external, about two minutes into the process, I get the popup saying that the disk wasn’t ejected properly. Every single time, without fail. It’s really pissing me off. I can put my own personal stuff on this computer, it’s nothing personal anyway. Just family photos, and new work and stuff…but after I work on it, I would love to get it off of here and onto my external. If I could pick up a hard drive for our one laptop that still has a working motherboard, I’d consider it.
Ahhh well. Something to think about in the future maybe. I have too much house stuff I’d rather be doing, and the computer is not even close to being on my priority list.
On a last note, we have two kittens :\ Bellatrix had them about a month ago. They’re both boys, and I’m pretty sure, as soon as they’re ready they already have new home. ((thank christ. I don’t want anymore cats. With Spaceball and Mrs. Lovett gone, I’m now done with cats. I have Bellatrix and Hey Baby and Hammie. And when I don’t have them anymore, I won’t have anymore cats. I’ve lost all the ones I’ve loved…)) But the two babies are pretty cute. We’ve named them House and Wilson.


The grey tiger is Wilson, and the Dark tiger is House. ((originally, they were mittens and Balto))
They can climb out of their box now…actually, they don’t use their box at all anymore. They’ve taken to my chair, and the floor near the wood stove. They are sniffing the food bowl and looking for a cat box…so they’ll be ready to go pretty soon.
And now I’m starting to ramble just because…
So, until next time…

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