Friday night at the Rhoades Asylum

t’s not nearly night yet, only almost 2:30. But, I’ve just gotten out of work, so I figured I’d start this now…

Every night, Mike reads to the girls before bed. ((When he’s done, they usually all have a book and they read to themselves for a while before falling asleep)) He reads every night except Fridays. Fridays are my night.

Last week, while at work, I was busy in the library, and I saw “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”. My kids have seen both ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ ((we have both of them…in Blu-Ray and they are amazing! Tho, the first one is my favorite), but have never read the book. When I saw “The Great Glass Elevator” I thought they’d like that.

Mike read not quite half of it, and they gave up. The girls couldn’t wrap their heads around the space world stuff…having only being able to visualize the other ‘Chocolate’ movies. So, I returned that one to the library today.

Well, before leaving work today, I headed to the library to find something new. I opted not for a chapter book, but for a quick read. Then, I’ll pick up something new on Monday.

Well, since I’m in charge of reading on Friday… short story long. Sorry.

I was going through a shelf of books I know hasn’t been touched in a while… And you know, because of the crazy things my mind picks up, my eye caught the words “Mr. Crack” on one of the spines. o_O

I pulled it out. It’s called “Arabella and Mr. Crack”. I skimmed it real quick and it seemed quite foolish, but it’s called Mr. Crack so you know I totally took it. I also saw one with the words ‘Big Mike’ on it, so I grabbed that one too, to find that it’s called ‘Big Mike’s Police Car’. I think it’s for three year olds, but I can make it interesting. Also, I thought Mike would get a kick out of it.

So, I’ll be reading those tonite..and they will be laced with all sorts of words that are not really printed. But the kids expect that when I’m reading their story.

Yes. I’m an asshole. I’ve said it before and I stand behind that today. And tomorrow. And next week, too.

Yesterday, my cousin Tammy ((of kamimaliaphotography)) mentioned me in her instagram feed. She mentioned me in this picture:

I lol’d. Cause she said ‘This looks just like Mac’. She is the 5th person to tell me that. First, my mom told me about it, thinking that it was a picture of mine that people were spreading all over the internet. Then a friend of mine showed it to me at work one day… The funny thing was, that while it was adorable, it was totally not mine.

But, seeing it yesterday, I was like, “I wanna try this…but actually use Mac for it”. And I shot those today.

I was going to do it tomorrow, but tomorrow is reserved for a bike ride…now, my version is not identical. The camera I used is totally different. And so is the angle, and the coloring…and the girl. Actually, everything is different. I did try shooting it the same as the other one, but I didn’t like it at all. So I told Mac “Do whatever”.

I took probably 40 photos and loved about 20 of them. And I’ll show you…4 of them. As always, when shooting my kids, especially my girls, I always get one shot ((or 3 or 4)) and all I can say is “fuck. I’m in so much trouble”. I had that same thing with Mac today. After one certain shot, I looked at the LCD and all I could say was ‘fuck. sheesh.’ and she goes “What? Is it my fault?” And I was like “Well, sort of sweetie. I’m in so much damn trouble.” And she goes, “What did I do?”, and I went “Nothing Hon. It’s that you’re just so damn pretty and I’m in so much goddamned trouble”, and she goes “Oh”.

She’s used to it. She knows why I said it. Sort of.

So, because I had those to edit, it meant I had to hook up my piece of shit HP, cause that’s where Lightroom and Photoshop are. I don’t use that thing unless I have to. But, while I was on there, I took off some of the pictures from over the summer…when my parents came up to visit 😀 So, because I should of gotten them up in the last blog and I didn’t, they’re here. After Mac’s pictures.

I’m also excited for something…and that’s a rarity for me. I never get excited for anything. But Monday, I get my new phone…and holy balls, I will instagram the shit out of that thing. Yes sir.

Ok. Anyway…photos.

This one… All of us, and Mike’s Dad, when he came up to visit 🙂 This was shot right after the 8th grade graduation at the kids school on June…some day I don’t remember.
dad-us copy2

The next one…
On the left is L., holding her marshmallow stick like a dagger. That’s my Mum in the orange, my sister in black, and my Dad in the hoodie. W. and Mike are in the background.

IMG_7727 copy

W., photobombing me and my dad, who totally is badass. So shut up.

IMG_7728 copy

Actually, we’re both sort of badass.
IMG_7729 copy

I’m not really that much taller than my Mum. My flip flops have a bit of heel…
IMG_7732 copy

Me and my parents. I love them so so so so so much.
IMG_7734 copy

G. in her pi’s. Mac had made a marshmallow for Nana, and my Dad is just…being my Dad.
IMG_7756 copy

Mike, trying to ride my bike.
IMG_7758 copy

Awesome family photo time!
IMG_7778 copy

Cats 😐 Actually, this is Square Cheeks as a baby. We still have her.
IMG_7925 copy

IMG_8251 copy

And Receiver. We don’t have him any more.

And the shots of Mac from today… 😀 I love many more than these few…but it would get redundant if I used them all…so you get 4. And two are actually the same, but I couldn’t decide on the coloring 🙂

IMG_8674 copy

IMG_8681-2 copy


mac2 copy

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