My Mac has turned 8!!

Photos first 🙂
When Mac turned 3. This is a screenshot from a video of her eating her birthday cake, when we asked her how old she was. She was high on sugar, so we didn’t get a straight answer. I don’t even think she knew where she was.

And Mac now, at age 8 🙂

IMG_0783 copy

and the next three are a few of the outtakes 🙂

Then she wanted to go to the culvert, so we did a couple there…But then my SD card got full and we came home 🙂

I won’t go over her story again…I’ve done it every year, with all the kids. So instead of digressing back to her birth, I’ll just elaborate on the amazing little person she’s growing up to be 🙂

All my kids are awesome. They each have things that set them apart from the others…Mac’s thing is her kindness. My other kids are kind, and nice. But Mac is the *sweetheart* of the house. No not just cause she’s adorable and her smile will melt you, but because she’s genuinely sweet. She has things that she doesn’t like, people she would rather not be around ((but only because she has a real reason to feel that)). She doesn’t dislike on principal ((like her mother)). You have to seriously give her a reason to not like you. She doesn’t like bugs, but won’t kill one either, because it makes her feel bad. She feels instantly guilty and will almost fall apart if she actually gets in trouble for something…and if she gets in trouble, it’s because for a split second, she’s being a typical normal child, and is abandoning her sweet persona…

She’s honest, about everything. ((She hasn’t inherited Mum’s good lying skills. Which is AWESOME)) She’s little, which means that out of all my kids, she looks like the one who might stay around my height. Yay!! ((Cause, W. is a foot taller than me, G. is about a half inch shorter than me, and by this summer, L. will be just a half inch shorter than me too.)) She’s very tiny for being 8.

And she’s smart. That’s one thing my kids surpass me on is their intelligence. I’m not stupid, but I’m good with backward puzzles and useless knowledge. They’re smart. She makes good grades, loves school…

There’s a million things on the positive side I can say about her… and her negative side? She really doesn’t have one. Honestly. I’m not above talking about my kids bad points. They’re human. But she seriously doesn’t have a negative side. So, what? There’s a particular girl in her class that she honestly doesn’t like. Ok. This particular girl tried to strangle Mac on a field trip. I don’t blame Mac for her feelings. Um…she doesn’t like cheese on her sandwiches, like really doesn’t like it. But she likes it on her tacos. ((makes no sense to me)) And that’s not really a negative…

I’ve really only seen her genuinely mad a few times…and I don’t count when she was under 5, whining about ranch dressing or not getting a cup of juice RIGHT NOW. ((all her Dad’s fault…getting her what she wanted, when she wanted it, dammit)) Actually, by the time L. came around, I was so over giving these kids what they wanted when they wanted it. So, by the time Mac got here, and Mike knew she was 100% our last, he gave in to her every whim. I can sit back and smile at that, because who paid for that one when school time came around and for 2 weeks, Mac hated it and screamed and cried to stay home? Mike was ready to let her just stay home, and I had to be the one to put my foot down and not give in and try to rationalize. And Mike called me a bitch and saying I was being mean. And after that second week, she loved school and had a best friend, who now, three years later, is still her best friend.

Her anger was towards some other kids, (and me I guess), who, after Mac gave me a hug, asked if they could have a hug tool. o_O That was Mac’s face. Because while she will share everything, apparently, Mum is OFF LIMITS.

I look at my kids, and I take that deep breath…you know, the one where your chest heaves because they can almost always bring you to tears because they just amaze you so fucking much? Yeah, not always, of course, when they’re fighting over socks, or how one looked at the other…

Anyway…So my Mac is 8. I can only imagine what color her hair is going to be when she turns 9…and maybe I’ll have something other than not liking cheese to put here next year.

I love you, Babe.

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