Summer flew. Halloween is over..Holy shit, Jess. You suck at blogging.

Summer passed by in a blur…Partly because I was drunk, but also because summer always flies by.

We spent most of the summer INSIDE. Why? Because of netflix and minecraft, that’s why. So, yes, I admit, I wasted an entire summer, and I do regret it, although I can’t change it. But, since I’m back to work all day, when I finally have time at home to settle down, I’m NOT watching netflix, thank you. Everyone else does, but I OD’d on it, so now I don’t give a shit. I’ll put on a movie to listen to, but that’s about it…Uh, what else? Oh, I lost my cat Hey Baby 😦 She went out one day and never came back…and I lost my favorite chicken, Pig, but she came back the next day. (confusion? Pig is a chicken. Her name is Pig cause, well, she’s a damn pig about food) I got new windows put into the house where my bedroom is going to be next year, I didn’t use my big camera even once, I learned that yes you can go without wearing pants and it’s totally ok, sleeping till 9am can be a summertime goal but for me it happened like twice.

Then Halloween came and went…and in my last post, I had a picture of each of my girls and how they dressed up.

They look forward to Halloween, mostly the whole dressing up part, but when it comes to trick or treating, they don’t like to do it for very long. They’ve always been like that tho, even when they were little. Always had a ball dressing up, but they’re ready to call it quits after hitting just a few houses. These past few years, Halloween night is either damn cold, or raining…so that makes it a bit less fun.

*Now*, this Sunday, my L. will have her 12th birthday. Then, on the 19th, G. turns 14.

Oh, and did I mention that this year, W. is a senior in high school, and he’s leaving for the army next summer? ((senior pictures will be up soon…as soon as I take them.))


We have cold days, and cold nights now. Most days, we have to run the woodstove. Everyone knows I hate the cold, and in February, I’ll welcome a day that’s 42 degrees, right now 42 is damn cold. Cause I’m a pussy like that.

Anyway, some photos…

After one of the girls first soccer games…they lost 😦
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 3.27.39 PM

The three together 🙂

Over the summer…L. and Bandit and W. playing football

So, since I lost Hey Baby, when Bandit got pregnant, I said I’d maybe keep one of her babies…I mean, Bandit was the only cat I had, anyway so… She gave birth to 4 little cuties, and they all thrived and grew up wonderfully. Out of the 4, three had double paws 😀 ((I’ve never owned a double pawed cat)) I decided I would keep the two girls that had 6 toes on each front paw and 5 on each back ((whereas the other only had one extra toe on one front and one back foot)) until I found out that one of the girls was actually a boy, so I didn’t end up keeping him. But, I did keep his sister 🙂 And her name is Delia and we all love her to pieces. Well, her feet mostly, because she looks like plenty of other cats we’ve had…

But, this is her at just a couple weeks old…

And her just a few days ago, now almost 7 weeks old 🙂

Until…well, who the hell knows when…

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