Standardized testing in schools. What a bunch of crap.

Last year, my kids had to take the Smarter Balanced tests. What a mess that was. Seriously. I didn’t want my kids to take it, as I watched how they stressed over these damn things.
The tests were unfair. So many things on there, the kids hadn’t even learned yet, but the instructions said “even if you come across something you don’t know about, try your best anyway”. What kind of crap is that?
Sure, there’s a small chance they can guess the answer right, but you know what, they’re probably going to get it wrong. And that is so unfair. Because they’re going to get a low score, for not correctly answering a question about something they’ve never learned. That is, of course, if you can figure out what the damn question is in the first place. Seriously. They can read the passages, and understand what they read. The problem is in the question: It’s hard to answer a question when you don’t even UNDERSTAND the question. These things are worded so damn complicated….

After the smarter balanced tests were over, I listened to the stories my kids told me about them. And then I found, that I could of opted- out of their taking the test in the first place. Nobody told me that, of course. When I found that out, I swore, and I told Mike, that from that point on, I was going to opt out of every goddamn standardized test I could.
They didn’t do Smarter Balanced this year, but instead, there’s the MEA’s. I put in my opt-out form. For my son, who’s a senior in high school, I don’t think he takes it… But, my girls, grades 3, 6 and 8 were to take it. Nope. Thank you.
There was a practice test for this thing, which I said my youngest was NOT to do. And she didn’t do it. She worked on schoolwork instead. I didn’t want my older two to take it either, however, they were made to take it anyway. I was pissed when I found that out.
Then I found out that Maine is the only state where opting-out of standardized testing is against the law. BUT, as a parent, you can opt-out of the test. The list of legalities due to opting out was absolutely fucking ridiculous.
I’ll take the legalities, because I’m not putting my children through another test that’s unfair. I’ll quote the movie “Overboard” here for a sec…

“And you can sit here and smugly lecture me on the importance of tests? Tests which exist to pigeonhole childrens potential, a thing which cannot *possibly* be measured?”

Now, I’m going to move on.

I can’t believe it’s April. How in the ballsack did that happen? I’m so behind on pictures, it’s not even funny. My birthday came and went, and I’m a number higher than I was the day before my birthday. In 10 days, my Mac will be 9!!! ::faint:: W. will be 18 in May ((he doesn’t even live at home anymore, if you can believe that. It’s still a new thing, and I am not used to it, nor do I like it one.single.bit. G. is officially taller than me, and L. is about exactly my height. But not for long…I give it two months tops, and she’ll be taller than me.

I’m like, blogging from three different places. I would prefer to type things that are going to take a while on the laptop, but all my pictures and all the good stuff are either on the tablet or on my phone :\

A few pictures .. already up on my instagram.
Mac stayed home from school this Monday cause she didnt feel good. I had to take the day off to stay with her, and we watched TV all day long.

Mac is 9!! Holy shit!

My L.

And G. is just as helpful!

Me and two of my loves 🙂


Until, who knows…

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