And prom came and went.

May 14th was W.’s senior prom. I never knew that it was something that parents went to…Hell, all I know of prom is what I saw in the movie “Carrie”. Aside from the pigs blood, I guess that’s how I assumed prom went.

I was wrong!

IMG_20160514_210359 copy

It was held in the gym of my son’s high school, and the bleachers were full…parents, friends, spectators…Girls all dolled up, and boys looking spiffy in their tuxes milled about, and pictures were taken for the first hour. Then, the juniors marched in…and then the seniors marched in…

IMG_3590 copy

After that, the lights came back on. There was a parent dance (W. and I danced) and then he danced with Mac. That was it. Seemed a little weird to me, but, I guess that’s how they do it now…I’m glad I went, tho. 🙂


We are in the last few weeks of school… W. graduates from high school on June 4th, and G. graduates from 8th grade. (My first born girl is starting high school this September! I can’t believe that!) W. ships out for the Army on June 24th…

It will be a bittersweet summer for me.

Until…who knows…

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