We took the girls over to the lake for a little while today… decent weather, but not swimming weather, that’s for sure. Too windy and too cloudy. But, L. and Mac went swimming anyway, them crazy kids! I brought my camera, cause I really do miss using it…
IMG_3823 copy

I started writing this in the house but it is amazingly nicer outside, now that the clouds have blown away ((mostly)) and the sun is bright and shiny 🙂 Mike just mowed the lawn, so it smells like sunshine and grass. Which is quite fucking lovely. But blogging on a tablet isnt easy. I like a keyboard… I did once write an entire blog with my old iphone 4…

Next Saturday is W.’s high school graduation. My parents are coming up this week for it. It would just be nicer if the circumstances around the house were better :/ I’ll get into that story another time.

For now, its a three day weekend, and theres only 13 days of school left.

Until… who knows…

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