You know I’m on vacation when I flat out refuse to leave the house.

I think I’ve been on vacation for almost 3 weeks. And what did I accomplish so far?

Well, my son, who has affectionately been dubbed W. all these years, but as everyone knows, his name is Windsor, turned 18. He graduated high school on June 4th. (8th in his class, too!) On June 27th, his recruiter picked him up in the morning to take him to Portland, where on June 28th, he would take his final swear-in before departing Maine to head to South Carolina to begin his 12 weeks of boot camp. He is a U.S. Soldier!
We took the trip to Portland as well…Win had to stay in a specially designated hotel (he’s stayed in this same hotel before for Army related stuff…) and we stayed at my father in-law’s house for the night. On Monday, we took Win from the hotel and brought him out for dinner…We were due at the M.E.P.S. building in Portland the next morning for 8am. So, we got to hang out with Win for a bit before the final swear-in. Afterwards, he had an hour and a half to spend with us, and then we said our goodbyes. He was heading to the airport at 11 to head to Washington D.C. before continuing on to South Carolina.
Giving him that last hug was so difficult… As I stood there and watched him walk back into the building, knowing that it would be three month before I got to see him again…I cried of course. Out of knowing I was going to miss him, but also from being so goddamn proud of him!!!
In the past few months, he’s made some crappy decisions, but, he’s a teenager, and it was expected I guess…but, you make shitty choices, and you move on.
He has been gone for a week and two days now. He called me the other day…Tuesday it was. He said he only had three minutes to make his phone call, and he gave me the address where I can write to him πŸ™‚ It was sooo nice to hear his voice!! Now, I just hope he writes to us sometime!

G., who, since she is now officially a high schooler, I will call her by her full name, Grayson, has graduated from 8th grade. She passed this year with flying colors (as usual, actually). Although she wasn’t given a notice of perfect attendance at the last assembly, even though she should of gotten it…but I won’t go into that. It was funny, because Grayson isn’t the type to wear a dress…or dress up at all… And forget hair and makeup! ((Not that she needs makeup…) But, she decided she wanted to wear a dress at graduation! So, we went online and she picked up this cute sundress. It had spaghetti straps, and she’s so modest…she wasn’t sure she would like it…but, she tried it on, and it was so adorable. She wore shorts under it, of course! (Gotta love that girl!!) We did her hair, and I did her makeup…and when she was all dressed (she wore my shoes, and wanted my sweater too) and set, I got all teary eyed…wondering where this grown-up girl came from! At graduation, a lot of people didn’t even recognize her, she looked so different! I sat at this graduation, just as I had done at Windsor’s, swelling with pride, and reflecting on when she was the little girl who would come in the house from playing outside, strip off all her clothes, leaving a trail behind her…so she could go watch Dora in her underwear and sneakers. She was, oh, 3 years old…

But, that’s not to leave out L. and Mac! L. has successfully moved onto the 7th grade!! High honors again!! She’s super into gymnastics lately and holy shit! She taught herself to do all these things and she is GOOD!! (Truthfully, Grayson and Mac do these things too! The fact that Mac is doing all the same things the older girls are doing at her age…I just have amazing kids πŸ™‚ ) And I don’t know what happened, but in the past few months, L. seems to have really grown up… I mean, she has really come out of her shell…A shell I didn’t even know she had….Seriously. She spends most of her days on youtube, making my subscription list longer and longer everyday… The kids use my accounts for everything, so when I go to youtube, I’m like, ‘WTF?’ because I’m bombarded with things that I have zero interest in…oh well πŸ™‚ She broke her glasses two weeks ago 😦 She was cleaning them, and they just snapped in half. The day they broke, we brought her to the eye doctor They gave her another vision test (she was due for one anyway) temporarily fixed her glasses (which broke again two days later) and ordered her a new pair, and the new pair has a stronger prescription. They put a rush on them, but it’s been two weeks now. She’s miserable with out them… occasionally, she’ll pick up her old ones and just hold them on her face so she can see, but it’s frustrating for her. I can only imagine!

Mac is evolving, too. No, not like a Pokemon…or, maybe, yeah, just like a Pokemon.She too loves gymnastics, and is fantastic at it! She’s working on her drawing skills, looking up to the superb work that Grayson turns out, but gets really down on herself when it doesn’t come out just like what she wants it to…I have to reassure her that practice, practice, practice! But she’s also going through a phase where she gets easily frustrated and will just sulk…that drives me nuts!! Or, when something is wrong and she doesn’t want to tell us what’s wrong, she’ll just say ‘nothing’ and clam right up. Grrrrr!!!! But, it’s typical. The other kids did it too. She plays a lot of minecraft, and does a lot of cooking. She loves to cook on her own, and loves to help me cook as well. She’s doing a ton of reading lately, too.

As for me…because it’s vacation, the only thing I want to do is be home and go to the lake when it’s nice out. I don’t want to go to Calais, or actually, I don’t want to go ANYWHERE. Mike will say to me, if it’s his day off, if there’s anything I want to do…I look right at him and say ‘I’m fucking doing it’. I’ve been playing a lot of Sims 4. A phase that I hope soon ends…because I really need to use my new camera…it’s just sitting in it’s bag all lonely…

I chopped off all my hair…It was down to my belly button, and I had been debating on if I wanted to go blond for the summer. A process I’ve done before, but never ever did I do the *whole* process…with the toning and all that…well, I wanted to wait until school got out out before I did it…you know, just in case I hated it. So, I did it last week…and yep, I didn’t like it. Also, it totally wrecked my hair, which I fully expected. When it was wet, it was the worst. I had to be really careful when I brushed it, and when I needed to blow dry it, I couldn’t brush it, because it would just break…I spent a few days absolutely HATING my hair. The color, the fear of brushing it…so, yesterday, I told Mike just how much I hated it, and he said, find what you want, and do it… So, I googled the shit out of short hairstyles, found one I liked, and went for it. Initially, Grayson and Mac said ‘DON’T DO IT’ . I told Mike what I wanted to do (he was at work at the time) and an hour later… SHORT! Now, it’s not exactly the style I wanted, but,. the picture I had for reference didn’t show the back of the girls head…so I had to just do it my way. When I was all finished, Mac said she loved it, L. said the same (she also keeps petting my hair like I’m a cat) and Grayson loves it too. AND, Mike likes it just as much!! Usually, the next day, I regret a drastic haircut (well, the last time I cut my hair, I regretted it the next morning…) But I woke up this morning and still liked it! I don’t even mind the blond now! Though I might end up dyeing it some other color at some point. Not yet tho. I cut off all the damaged stuff, but I’m gonna give it a break.

But, for today…My phone rang a little while ago and L.’s new glasses are in! So, her and Mike will go to Calais and pick them up. It’s a dark and dreary day, and it’s on the chilly side. So, Grayson, Mac and I will just hang out. Probably watch movies and shit…

Until next time…

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