Because I officially like being late for everything…

It’s not been the 4th of July for almost a week now, but tonite, we had the girls do sparklers…

IMG_0615 copy

We are on day TWO of this dark and cold weather. It’s like 55 out :\ I swear to christ, I have done NOTHING these past two days. The girls and I have been watching movies, cuddled in chairs under blankets. This weather blows. I think after tomorrow, it’s supposed to finally get nice out again…I fucking hope so, cause this sucks. I mean, I love family time, and hanging out watching movies…but I don’t like being cold.

I’m feeling especially shitty… my period was two days late and my husband was convinced that I was pregnant. ((cause, I can’t be even a second late, cause then I’m pregnant…)) But, it came, and all day long I’ve been in this quiet funk. Like, I just don’t have anything to say and I just want to sulk in this shitty weather with my kids and a movie. But, I’ve had a couple beers so now I’m feeling less shitty and more normal. Well, drunk normal, but not normal normal. I tell you, I’m not looking forward to menopause…but I hate my period. But, I’ll take it over being pregnant. Pregnancy and me do not go well together. Labor and delivery, I can totally do. 9 months of hell? Not so much.

Well, with all that TMI, I’m gonna go.

Until…whenever I feel like it…

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