Lately. It’s been a lot of WTF? Two month recap. With pictures!

Back in June when my ex employer royally fucked me, that incident landed us a court date. I had to sit in the benches in a courtroom and listen to my ex-boss lie her fucking ass off. However, she left the courtroom mad as fucking hell because of something the judge said, so I feel okay about that.

Letting that go…

In other, sadder news…I lost my Phyllis. If you’re not sure who Phyllis is, he was my cat. ((One of my 4.)) Back in November of 2016, Delia had a litter of kittens. There were two long haired babies out of the 7 she had. Kenna fell in love with one of them. The other long haired one, my mom was going to take to give to my aunt, who wanted a kitten. Well, my parents were going to come up here for Christmas and take the baby back with them, but my Gramma got sick, and they weren’t able to make it up, so I kept him. I loved him anyway, and he became my Phylly boy. He was beautiful, and sweet. I found out not too long ago that he was part Maine Coon. Didn’t matter to me. I loved him, he loved us…Everyone loved him He was afraid to go outside, even tho his sister ((the one Kenna wanted to keep, and we let her keep her…Her name is Azreal…tho, I call her Kenna’s Cat, or Nosey Girl ((cause she is)) )) wanted to see outside *so bad*. When the winter was over, that is. Phyllis was quite okay with being inside. Until he went outside. Then he was like ‘oh, hell no. I’ll come in and sleep all day, but at night, I’d rather be outside’. So that was his thing. He’d be in all day, and manage to get outside at night ((tho I did my best to keep him in, cause I know how cats end up where we live, but I have dogs who never can make up their minds about what side of the door they want to be on, so a cat getting outside is really inevitable, no matter how hard you try)) Well, Phyll’s routine when he got out at night was to be sleeping in one specific place when you got up in the morning. The one place I couldn’t miss him. ((cause I’m always the first person up)) He sat right outside the window, where in the house, it’s where I had to go to get my coffee cup. There was no missing him. He would look at me and I knew he was saying “Yeah, let me in, I’m hungry.” So, I’d put my coffee on hold, and go let him in. And then he’d sleep for the rest of the day.

((He was such a baby magnet. They slept with him all the time!!!))

And then one day, this was July 27th, I went to get my coffee cup, and he wasn’t there. He was outside with us the night before, chasing us while we were playing kickball… But he didn’t come home for breakfast and his nap… I knew that morning that something was wrong. He was there EVERY morning. He never showed up all day, and then the next morning, I posted a picture on instagram of him. Day 2, I knew I’d never see him again. It wasn’t typical Phyllis behavior, and anyone who has a pet, knows their pets’ behavior. Day 3, Mike decided to take a walk up and down the road. He said he kept seeing flashes of stuff out the windows of the house, and he thought maybe Phyll was back… ((Mike is not a cat person the way I am. But we have had some that he has been genuinely sad about losing. Fiona, Mrs. Lovett…))

((This is Ollie…he was watching the rain))

He stopped at one of our neighbors houses, and the neighbor was actually on our way down to our house… two days prior ((the day Phyll disappeard)) him and his wife found a cat on the side of the road… It was my Phylly Boy. I was sad and relieved all at once. I was sad that my boy would never again jump in my chair for pets, with his purr motor running, while he went back and forth between Mike and I every two minutes, demanding attention, until he could settle on who he wanted to sit with. I was relieved, because I knew his fate, and now my eyes could stop looking out windows for him, and my mind could stop thinking he just walked by a window. We buried that boy of ours, and I called him a a dumbass for going in the road. ((he’d already been hit once…he was only bumped, and he was okay, but seemed so afraid of the road…))

Then came another thing…

Since we’ve lived here, we’ve always had cats. If a cat got hit by a car ((whether it was mine or not)), or if someone wanted a kitten, people get a hold of me. Just two weeks ago, a woman stopped here, and told me she had hit a cat the night before…and she was wondering if it was mine. ((it wasn’t…she took it to the vet as soon as it happened. She was a very sweet woman, and the world needs more people like her. Thank you, Alyssa. ))

Well, after we got Phyllis’s body and had his funeral, I found out who hit him. Apparently, the people who found him, well, their cat is missing as well…The wife actually thought Phyll was their cat and started bawling. Well, it was my cat, but the girl who hit him…

She never even bothered to stop and see if he was okay. Instead, she grabbed her phone and called a friend of hers and they thought it was just fucking hilarious. I know this because I’m friends with the girl that she called…Well, I’m not friends with the girl she called, but I’m friends with her sister.

I was so fucking angry. I’m still so fucking angry. The girl who hit him, her name is Haylee. Not someone I know…But if I was ever shown this person, I’d probably do nothing, because my first instinct would be to punch her, but my aim sucks…And I’d like to yell at her, but I tend to trip over my words, so I’d probably just give her dirty looks…

((This is Mustache Face((one of Delia’s babies))…all 4 of her fur kids slept like this…))

But, on the bright side, Phylly is home, and he is buried next to Mrs. Lovett and Spaceball. His fate is known, and now I don’t have to look out the window every morning with hopes that will never be fulfilled.

So, three cats have been killed in our vicinity in the past two weeks…and Kenna is worried about her cat. Delia and Bandit have babies and they tend to beat the shit out of Kenna’s cat when shes in the house. ((mind, Kenna’s Cat is Delias Baby)) So Kenna’s cat likes to be outside. We are trying to keep her in, but its not easy.

We found homes for Deila’s babies Andy, Ollie and Moustache Face. They all went to the same house, which was a nice thing ) Now, we just have Bandit’s babies to find a home for ((there’s 2 of them left)) and we’re done. The strays that got my girls pregnant before are no longer around ((hit by cars)), so we are hopefully all set now.

Then today, I grabbed my camera, and asked if any of my girls wanted to come outside with me. Of course, Kenna was the only one who wanted to. Kenna did fantastic as usual, however, I’m out of practice. I’m gonna work on that.

Motion blur, but I like it anyway šŸ™‚ This is Kenna’s cat, Azreal. ((Phylly Boys’ sister))

In other news, my son is now finishing up his time in Romania! He’s been there for a while, but he’ll be leaving there soon, and heading back to Germany for a couple months, before he finally gets to come home in December! I haven’t seen my boy since February!!

That’s all for now!

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