I sometimes leave my house…

But I usually make a big deal about it…

But sometimes, once you *do* manage to get me out of the house, I kind of like it and I stop complaining.

Like today.

Today, we had to pick some stuff up in Princeton, and then after that Mike had to go to work…so we had ((earlier in the day)) decided to go with him. And it turned into a kind of field trip that was fun 🙂

We went for picture taking 🙂 Grayson had her real camera, and Lilly loves taking pictures with her phone. ((Oh, and let’s get this straight: I am one of those people who believes that a child under a certain age should NOT own a cellphone. ((maybe for some parents, they find it’s a necessity. Ok. That’s their choice, and I respect it.)) The phone Lilly has is my old galaxy s5. It has no phone service at all. I gave it to her when I upgraded my phone a couple months ago. She uses it on wi-fi, and I’m ok with that. I mean, I paid for the damn thing for 2 years, so I’m not just going to toss it))

We took pictures, and went for a walk in the woods. Then, Lilly wanted to go to the old cemetery ((lots of graves from the 1800’s)) and we did that. Then we got sick of walking so we came home.

Then, yesterday ((the 18th… holy shit, I started this blog days ago…whoops)) we took a trip to Jasper Beach. This is not a sun-bathing beach or a beach you swim at. It’s the ocean, yes…but it’s more of a scenic beach.

It was fun 🙂

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