On August 21st, summer ended and school began. And we got a huge surprise!!!

I’m giving no details or reason, but Mike and I have decided to homeschool the three girls for the rest of their school careers. šŸ™‚

Geography class…

Part of Science class

Lilly has told me numerous times that in ((at least)) her last year of school, she wasn’t taught language AT ALL. So right now, she’s behind on all the grammar stuff. Luckily, English was my favorite subject in school!

I never knew about all the perks of homeschooling. For example, we had to go grocery shopping last week, and we turned it into a field trip/ Home Ec. / Math class. It was great!

On another note…last Sunday…

I did my usual Sunday cleaning, and Mike had to work. But he was home at 4, and I was in the kitchen making dinner. Lilly yelled at me from the living room that someone was here, and then I heard a car horn. I went into my room and looked out the window and saw this big ass red pickup in the driveway. I asked Mike, “uh, do you know these people?” He got up and looked out and was like “nope.” Well, the truck honked again, and I said to Mike “Well, whoever they are, they’re impatient”. So, he walked out the door, and then I heard him say “Oh, hi there!”. So I looked out, and a person had gotten out of the truck and was walking towards Mike, and all three girls were out in my room at this point, and I saw the person and just said “OH MY GOD, IT’S MY DAD!!”.

I went outside, and there was my Dad!! Him and my mom decided to drive up and surprise us!! Probably the best surprise since Mike bought me my first Keurig for my birthday a long time ago!

They stayed for three days, and I can’t wait till they move up here!

Then, on Friday, my father in law came up! Him and I like to talk about food and cooking šŸ™‚ He left today, and now the house feels empty šŸ˜¦

Having family up is always so nice. And its always sad when they have to leave.

I think my favorite subject is art. Normally, I’m hard pressed to come up with a really good idea art-wise ((except for photography… I usually know what I want to do)) but as far as other mediums and stuff…And actual projects? ((I like to paint…but my kind of painting is painting a room. That’s what I like.))

It’s no secret that our family ((even my husband, who says he doesn’t, but I know he does cause he always laughs…)) loves “Bob’s Burgers”. Almost at any given time during the day ((or night, doesn’t matter)), you will find that someone in the house is watching it. We also listen to the soundtrack all the time, too.

It was the show that inspired our second art project. While listening to the soundtrack, we all made quote signs, using quotes we love from the show. ((Other signs have been made too, that aren’t related to the show.)) I posted a picture on instagram of it, but it was kinda dark in here so it came out really shitty.

So, here’s some better ones:

The second part of the project was making ((and this was all done on scrap wood from when we did the shed)) signs for “Burgers of the Day”. It took me and Grayson two hours to do the big “Bob’s Burgers” sign!

Most of the quote signs were done using paint and hot glue…((paint over the glue, and then outline the glue letters…))

It’s a project they liked so much, I have lots of other signs here, too. I have one that’s not hung yet, but Kenna did it and it says “Eggs for Days”. ((she loves that episode.))

One day, we also did tie dye, painted with different leaves and flowers and stuff we found outside, and they also got to draw a logo of something they like. ((those are on instagram))

The kids want chili for dinner ((first time I’ve ever made homemade chili)) so I have to go start that…

Until, who knows… <3333

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