How is it November already? Damn.

So, it’s been three months since I last posted something. You’d think since I’m always home now, that, gee, I dunno, I might get around to blogging more often?

Obviously not.

Well, I got a nice bit of news last week. A photo of mine that I submitted to my profile on was selected for photo of the week! That was awesome!

Link to the article here.

I’ve been trying to take more photos lately, but I feel so uninspired…I mean, I have a bunch on my phone that I like, and I did shoot a bit last week. I haven’t finished editing them yet. I’m going to make that a goal for today.

The day I took that picture of Charlie ((the color one up there)), we thought it was be neat if we could re-create ((sorta)) a picture I took 5 years ago when Charlie was just a puppy.

And then, Charlie and Lilly now.

And then, just a few snapshots ๐Ÿ™‚ ((These are from my phone))

Kenna’s cat, Azreal.

Kenna, after trick – or – treating, and she couldn’t get all of her makeup off ๐Ÿ™‚

Last nites sunset…

That’s all I got for now…

Until, hopefully not three months from now…

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