This post is about cats. And then some birds.

Let’s start by saying that I DID NOT take a single picture in this post. Only the editing process is mine.

These all were shot by McKenna, my youngest daughter 🙂 ((except for the shot of Bandit. Lilly took that one))

A big part of my girls homeschooling has to do with photography. Lilly tends to sometimes lean more towards videography, but they all love photography. Kenna is learning good techniques quick, too! Some days she wanders around taking pictures with her phone. ((my sons’ old galaxy s7 edge phone…no service. Just wi-fi. She’s 10.)) But she’d rather use my big camera. She’s no longer afraid to swap out lenses, which is a great thing! She was losing out on opportunities to shoot the birds outside because she was always coming to me to change the lens…She was afraid she was somehow going to break it…

She edits her photos too sometimes, and she’s pretty good at doing basic photoshop tasks. Right now, she primarily uses dodge/burn, saturate, blur/sharpen, and tries out actions as well.

She’s got a ton of photos on my SD card, and these are just a few of them.

That’s all for now!!!

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