This post is about animals too. I lied.

So, going on my last post, where I talked about my chicken/duck order and all the chicken babies were dead…

And I may of mentioned (( kidding, I totally fucking mentioned it more than once)) a replacement shipment.. well, guess what?

Yep. As expected, those replacement babies were dead too. Fucking USPS kept that shipment way longer than they should of. I love living in Maine, I hate that the fucking distribution centers have no sense of priority.

24 dead birds. That pisses me off and makes me sad.

((PS. My 8 surviving ducks are doing amazing and I love them so much!!! ))

The meat chickens I talked about, they are now outside in their own section of the hen house. ((I don’t have pictures of them, but they’re like almost football sized. In just 4 weeks))  Slaughtering is just around the corner. Not looking forward to that, let me tell you.

But, because I needed more laying hens, I got some more the last time we were at tractor supply. I got 10 leghorns and 6 orpingtons.

((That’s an old photo of Mr. Fischoedor last summer. I miss having kittens!!!))

The ducks currently live in the front room and can jump out of their house if they really want to.
We had the 16 new girls out there with them ((in their own brooder)), but one time, while my and Grayson were out there talking to the ducks, the hens got noisy ((well, chirpy )) and one of the Pekins ((it possibly could of been Dwight… tho, I have no idea just yet which are the girls and which are the boys)) jumped out of their house and onto the edge of the hens brooder. Soooo…I’ve had to move the 16 new girls into my room.

I don’t much mind,because they don’t smell they way the ducks do, but, they’ve learned how to jump out of their brooder to perch on the side of it. It’s cute, and aside from the fact that Azreal thinks they’re toys she can ((but can’t)) eat and they like to try to fly from the edge of the brooder and onto my desk. They successfully made it yesterday, and then they proceeded to jump out of the brooder completely to walk around my floor. That’s a NO from me. I don’t need chicken turd all over my rug, thank you. So, Mike had some chicken wire and he made a cover for the brooder. Perfect.

Their heat lamp is not my favorite thing…during the day I don’t care, but at night, it lights up my whole room.

They’re not as noisy as the ducks, and they don’t shit as much. And they’ll be moved out to the ducks house in the front room just as soon as the ducks are old enough to go outside. While they are 4 weeks old now, they still have baby fluff feathers. Their grown-up feathers are coming in, but in all the reading I’ve done, I’ve read that you can’t put them outside until they’ve gotten all their adult feathers in. Maybe in a place where it’s warmer, they’d be okay to go outside now… But sorry, here in Northeastern Maine, there’s still snow on the ground and the high is usually no warmer than 40, and the lows are in the 20’s.

Last Thursday, Mike picked up some lumber and chicken wire and we made them an 8ft by 8ft enclosure. It was a good family project, and everyone helped. It’s just a basic square right now, but on days where it’s nice and sunny, we’ll bring them out and let them run around in it for as long as they seem to want to be out there. When the snow goes away, the enclosure will be moved next to the chicken coop, and we’ll add walls and a metal roof to it. We plan on letting them free range with the chickens.

They’ve had interaction with the chickens already… which made me nervous. I didn’t want my hens ((who are going on 3 years old now)) to be all ‘Hey, no fucking way you little assholes, get out of here”, when they got near each other. But that didn’t happen. Neither seemed to pay attention to the other, and if they did, they didn’t appear to give a single shit.

I do worry about my rooster tho. He’s an asshole ((not to me, but to everyone else)), and I don’t want him to be an asshole to the ducks, too.

Seriously never thought I’d like birds :/

Wait. What the fuck. How did I go from being the cat person who always had like 10+ cats to having only 3, and so many birds instead?

Don’t get me wrong; ever since that fucking douche bag bitch killed my Phyllis last summer, I’ve wanted a kitten. I still want one now.

This whole mostly self sustainability thing isn’t easy for me. But, it’s also new to me. It’s not even been a year since we started all of this.

I want to do a garden as well, but I’ve yet to buy any seeds. Well, I bought strawberries, but I can’t get them in the ground yet. I want to get so much done, but I think my mental list of ‘I want to do this, and this, and this, and this’, is overwhelming.

Aside from all that, I’m just really happy that having my three girls ((the children, I mean. Not chickens this time)) outside the confines of a school building is teaching them so much more about life than just the words on the page of a textbook they’re forced to read.

Delia & babies last summer.

Until next time…

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