When I think I have the correct answer, but I can’t quite get a straight answer…

So, my ducks…

This was my purchase from Tractor Supply:

Obviously, I don’t want ducks that will fly away on me. Yes, I had done my research beforehand. In the reviews of these particular ducks, I saw this:

Okay. So I wasn’t worried about getting a duck that would fly away. Then, I read on backyardchickens.com in a post, that the ducks I ordered would not contain mallards that would fly away.

Well…um… Good!

But, one problem: Mallards and Rouens ((rouens can’t fly because they’re too fat, like the Pekins)) look the same. Except for one distinct marking that I can’t quite find out if it’s *THE* distinct marking…this varies on who you want to listen to.

Rouens are supposed to be as big ((or close, anyway)) to the Pekins.

When the ducks first came, the Pekins were already two sizes bigger than the other ones. I assumed it was maybe an age difference.

Well, since they have been moved outside and into their coop and have established where *home* is, we let them free range with our older hens. And, well, the little ones CAN FLY.

Look at that little shit! This morning, I didn’t see it, but Mike said that when he opened their coop door, one of those little shits flew at least thirty feet in the air and took off down behind the house. It came back, but I was like ‘wtf? They’re not supposed to be able to do that!’. That’s the highest and furthest they’ve gone so far, tho I have seen them like 8 feet off the ground, glide through the yard.

So, I go back to the TSC website, and then I see a new review on the ones I bought:

So, they CAN send mallards!! Well, fuuuuuuck.

But at least I think I have the little ones sexed. The one on the right is female, the one on the left is a male. In total, that’s 3 females and 2 males of this breed.

So, if they are indeed mallards, we are gonna hafta clip their wings. I don’t want to lose these little guys! The pekins try, but they just can’t get more than an inch or so off the ground. I’m pretty sure all three pekins are girls too! ((Though, there is still time for a curled tail feather to appear, seeing as how they’re only just over 8 weeks old)) Which is fantastic!! I wanted all girls, but knew it wouldn’t work like that.

Anyway, we’ll see.

We’ve had some mild weather lately, which is so welcome! I am sick to death of being cold. I hardly ever take my hood off, and I always have a blanket. Yesterday, it was gorgeous and in the 80’s. Today started off not too bad, but then the temp dropped, and now it’s friggin raining. And I’m cold.

For a couple of the nicer days we had ((like 60’s nice)) Kenna took my big camera and wandered around with it. I love when she does that, because it’s like a treasure hunt for me when I go through the SD card afterwards. Not being able to get outside and get anything done today, I decided that I’d go through the SD card and see what she got. Well, all 16 images in this post ((including the ones up there of the ducks)) were all shot by her. Like her sister, she has a great eye!!



With today being chilly, for dinner I decided to try out one of our roaster chickens. I’ve cooked breasts and thighs, but haven’t touched a whole roaster yet. I’m excited to see how it turns out! Yesterday, I made pulled chicken tacos and they were amazing! I said I would be able to eat chicken on a daily basis with how good these guys turned out…and I wasn’t lying.

While I was looking at stuff about ducks this morning, I went to the hatchery that they came from, and of course, got to looking at the chickens you can buy…They sell the meat birds we had, and so I’m planning on getting 20 more in July, and then we can process them at the end of August. I think, with 20, I could be set for the winter. And we’ll also have a freezer full of pork if the people next door successfully get their female pregnant. ((They bought a male for her a couple months ago))

I honestly don’t know if I can slaughter a pig though. I’ve been reading about it, and I don’t know if I have the guts to kill one, and then clean it. Butchering it, yes, I can totally do that… But the slaughtering process…I’m still on the fence about. Besides, Mike already said he wouldn’t be able to kill it.

I still have time to read and prepare. I did it with the chickens, and that went well.

Oh well…

Enough for now I guess.

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