Summer Recap!

I can officially say that I have never had a summer that was as busy as this one. Like, SERIOUSLY.

In June, we flew to Kentucky for my sons wedding 🙂 It was gorgeous! And not only did I gain a wonderful daughter-in-law, I’m also now expecting a Grandson!!! We were there for 5 days, and it’s something I will never forget! ((Especially, since it looked for a while, that we weren’t going to be able to go at all!))

On June 21, Lilly and Kenna and I went to Bangor for a Paramore concert! ((That was super fun!))

And then came all the work…

We are always looking for ways to keep our birds ((all our chickens and ducks)) happy, and more importantly, SAFE.

Up until late June ((early July? )) our chickens were 100% free range. They were allowed to explore where ever they wanted, always returning to their roost at sunset. But, then one of our new girls ((we had 10 white Leghorns)) got hit by a car. And a few weeks after that, another one got hit. So, we decided we’d have to somehow, keep them from the road. And, before we had a plan, another one got hit. And then, one just wandered away…Mike found her remains a couple weeks later.

We came up with a plan. But, it involved keeping them enclosed, and I didn’t really like the thought of that…but I hated them dying, too. We built them a big area, and it’s kind of connected to my house. I had to order 150ft. of fencing to do it. But, and it took a couple days, we got it done. Too bad our Leghorns can jump up and over it. Dammit.

But, there’s only a couple of them that do it, and once they do get out, they’re pacing to get back in. So, it’s working. ((mostly)) If I had the money, I’d put like a dome of fencing over it. ((Maybe in the future))

Then, we had an issue with the ducks. We had them free ranging. Until they flew too far away. So, we moved their pen to a bigger area of the yard. Where all seemed to be going well…at first.

Our three little girls ((one is pictured up there. We have Rouens and Mallards)) kept escaping. ((Well, not one of them. Natalie seemed just fine to be in there.)) We had gone over and over their pen to try and find their escape route. We thought we had it all secured, until one morning ((this was a couple weeks ago)), Kenna looked outside ((it was early, and we hadn’t gone out to do our chores yet)) and said that two of the girls were outside. Not only outside, but across the road.

Give me a fucking break. No sooner had those words come out of her mouth, and I heard a vehicle coming up the road. Well, this guy saw them, and ((like everyone else)) didn’t bother to stop. So, we lost her too.

We had had enough. We were outside all day that day, working on a new place for them. That included moving their whole house ((and this house is fucking heavy)) all the way across the yard. They now have a space that’s 4x bigger than their last place, and it’s right attached to the chicken area. ((So now we can see everyone from the dining room windows)). We had the whole thing done in two days, working 9 hours straight each day. ((The “roof” of the duck pen…yeah, that’s all hand tied. Thank you very much.))

This is part of the chicken pen, shot from the door of their coop))

And this is the new duck pen, from the outside. ((Their house is the green one, way in the back))

So, they’re secure now. ((Not a single duck escape since they’ve been in there.))

When we we weren’t working on that, we were still outside, working. We had a lot of land behind the house to clear out, to be used as next years gardens. We are mostly done with it. We have two gardens done and tilled, and there will be a 3rd, once we burn all the stuff we cut down.

We also have 23 meat chickens! We got them on August 11, and they seem slower at getting big than our last batch, even though they’re the same breed. But, I think now, they only have about 2 and a half weeks to go. Which is good, cause it’s starting to get cold out.

AND! A new thing for us…one of my Buff Orpington hens ((we have 6)) has gone broody, and has been sitting on 4 eggs! Today marks the 11th day she’s been sitting on them. ((I never had a hen go broody on me!!)) So, we are excited for that!

We want to introduce new animals next spring, most likely goats, possibly a breed of meat ducks, and we’re toying with the idea of Angora rabbits. I’ve set up a GoFundMe, for materials for a barn ((a small one, that is)) and/or materials. If you were so inclined, you can donate by going here.

Now that cold weather is creeping in, morning chores seem like a little more work. I don’t want to imagine how things are going to be come this winter. ((It will be a first winter for us with ducks))

Until…who knows… <333

p.s. You can follow me on Instagram for more regular updates!

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