New chickens, and other stuff.

Well, I missed the last day of Chick Days at Tractor Supply. ((It was April 28)) And I really didn’t want to order them online with all the hassles I had the last time I ordered chickens online. But, I did anyway.

They were promptly here in two days, and upon opening the box, they all looked great. But, I lost one within the first couple hours. And then one overnight. Then 2 overnight…I was losing 1-2 a day for almost 5 days. In total, and now they’re 2 weeks old, I’ve lost 8. I started with 40, and now I’m down to 32. But, it’s been a few days now, and no more casualties.

Their brooder is in the house ((in my living room, so I can keep an eye on them; I have cats, remember?)) and I’m hoping that by the time the’re 3 weeks I can get them outside. I have to clean their brooder out every other day, and I want them out before they start to smell.

Spring still isn’t quite here. The days have been rainy, which makes it chilly. I basically keep a blanket near me at all times.

We found a new home for two of our babies. ((Named Todd and Melissa, after the characters on ‘The Last Man on Earth’. )) And we still have two left: Carol and Tandy. ((also from the same show))

I’ve got some vegetable seeds started already: barley ((which I’ve been growing for a few months now for the chickens)), tomatoes, peas, and swiss chard. Seeing the little sprouts makes me so excited to get even more started! Speaking of sprouts, the trees and all that are *finally* budding, and when we look out back, it’s not just barren looking. There’s a little bit of color!

We are now on…oh, year 3…of my son’s birthday coming, yet he’s not able to be at home for it. Or even with his own family, at that! This is his third year in the Army, and as of right now ((and he’s been there since March)) he’s overseas on deployment. Missing his wife and little baby…and his birthday is in a week.

This little boy,

Grew up to be this handsome man/husband/father:

That one little baby is turning 21, and I can’t believe it! ((Okay, to be fair, in March, I turned 40, so…))

Speaking of age…About 16 years ago, I joined deviantArt. Fast forward to about, well, when we moved up here, I really stopped using the site as regularly as I used to. I would post occasionally, but the site it self was not the same as it was for most of my first years there. The community changed, and I just didn’t feel like it was something I was part of anymore. But, even though I stopped posting ((maybe I posted once a year))I left my gallery there.

Fast forward to now, ((few weeks ago)), I decided to put my DA gallery in storage, because I decided I was done with the site forever. With the gallery in storage, I wanted to get rid of all my old journals, polls, etc. ((And now the site layout is different from when I used to use it, so…this was an extra pain in the ass)) Now, you’re talking 16 years of stuff…and I had to delete them ONE BY FUCKING ONE! I did that for about an hour, said ‘fuck this. This is going to take forever’ and headed over to the ‘Deactivate Account’ page. There. Done. No more deleting 650+ journals and polls one by one.

So, my DA days are over, and that’s okay with me. 🙂

My camera usually sits on my desk…doing nothing. I haven’t really felt creative ((photography-wise)) in a long time. Occasionally, I miss it…But there’s always something going on around here.

Since moving into homesteading ((and homeschooling)) two years ago ((damn! Has it been that long already?)) there’s always something to do. ((The winter months can get boring…and I spend most, okay, not gonna lie 99.99% of my time in the house)) However, in the spring and summer, there are endless chores, projects and work.

When I lost my job at the school, ((which I am still sometimes salty about)) I felt so much guilt, because I was no longer going to be able to contribute to my family. So, I asked Mike if it would be possible to work with him. ((He is the town groundskeeper in the Spring through Fall months)) The town approved it.

I was used to sitting behind a desk…and now I was pushing a lawn mower. ((I’d only ever used a lawnmower once in my life…years ago, and I swore I’d never do it again. Besides, Mike and my Dad always took care of the lawn, cause they liked doing it.)) Mike asked me, the first time I was on the job, doing Spring cleanup work ((which is at the intersection in town…where people I used to work with would drive by and see me)) if I was embarrassed to be doing this. Honestly, my first response was to think “yes”. But, before I answered, I thought about the fact that it was a gorgeous day, and everyone at the school was stuck inside, wishing they were outside, and I got to *be* outside. I thought of not having to deal with that cunt of a boss; I could breathe stress-free air.

And my response was “no”.

I’m not embarrassed.

And tomorrow, we have a giant cemetery to rake. I’ll have to get pictures of this place, because I swear to christ, whoever decided to put this cemetery where it is…well, they REALLY were NOT thinking. This place is seriously on a fucking 45 degree angle. Which might not *sound* like a big deal, but it is…when you’re pushing a mower, and the mower is practically goddamn sideways.

But you know what? I wouldn’t go back to a desk job. I get to spend 100% of my time with my family and that means more to me than anything.

Until next time <333

2 thoughts on “New chickens, and other stuff.

  1. Hey, I’ve just been spending some time clearing out an old email address of mine and came across a message from you from 2005 (!) with a link to this site in it. It made me smile reading this post seeing as the reason I know you is DA (I gave up with it years ago). It’s nice to see that you’re happy and well and up to all kinds of things. I’m sending my love from Lancashire, United Kingdom ~ Bexie

    1. I. Fucking. Remember. You.!!! 🙂 ((which is surprising, since I have grown pretty forgetful…))I’m also gonna take the risk of sounding like a fool ((if I’m wrong)) but didn’t you send me a postcard with my image ‘built in my nightmares’ ? It said something along the lines of ‘surprising me with finding myself in my mailbox’? ((if that wasn’t you, please say it was anyway so I don’t look as stupid)) 2005 seems like so long ago! Also glad to hear that you left DA as well. That place just turned into such a shit hole!!! Glad you stopped by!! ❤

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