2020 is here. I’m no better at keeping this current.

Well, I started a post back in September…and I never finished it. ((Not surprising)) But, I think I finally figured out why I’m always not finishing posts: Because, in the middle of writing, I’ll go, ‘oh! I want to add *this* picture. But, it’s not resized or anything…’. So, I open photoshop, and almost never go back to the post with the finished image. ((Which is exactly what I have already started doing with this post as I’m transferring pictures from my phone to put in here…which will have to be resized.))

Damn it.

A few days ago, Grayson came to me and asked if I’d take her picture. O_o The last time I got pictures of my older girls was…well, Lilly a couple summers ago, and Grayson… well, shit. I can’t even remember, but I know it was a long time ago. So, of course I said YES. Our weather has been shit, and the landscape looks meh. She wanted to do it on a day when it was snowing. ((Last Sunday it was supposed to snow…)) Well, it did indeed start snowing. So, Grayson went to change, and I checked my camera battery…just about to die of course. Then, I couldn’t find my charger. Then it stopped snowing. ((This whole ordeal lasted about 10 minutes)) We said whatever and went outside anyway. ((Hence the 4 images up there))

Then, as it was starting to get dark out…it started snowing again, and lasted for quite a while. Fuck you weather.

It also crossed my mind that I haven’t update any of my profile pictures to something current. Not a huge deal, and I probably forgot how to take a good self portrait anyway. Maybe if I get bored sometime, I’ll do it.

Y'know, not THIS kind of picture.

Y’know, not THIS kind of picture.

Anyway! Last August, when we got our Fall batch of meat chickens, out of the 20 something we bought, I noticed right off the bat ((well, when we got home, cause I didn’t look at them in the store because I was too busy gushing over some *other* chickens, which I bought two of)) I noticed that 7 of them were most certainly NOT meat chickens. I had no idea the breed, but they sure were nothing that we’d ever owned before. Fast forward a few months… They’re EASTER EGGERS! ((I haven’t taken any pictures of them yet, so if you don’t know what they look like, you’ll have to google it))

I ordered two batches of these a couple years ago, and they both died in transit. And I was told that our Tractor Supply never carried them at the store level, so you can imagine my happiness at finding out that I accidentally got some!

A few of them have started laying, and so far, we’ve gotten four different shades of green, and one gray egg!

For the most part, egg production with my girls has slowed to possibly 2 eggs a day ((from my established flock)), but now that the new girls are laying, ((tho, not consistently)) we get maybe 3 a day. They’ll pick up production again as the days get longer, and oddly, my ducks have stopped laying, too. ((Even though I read differently about their laying time throughout the year…))

I don’t plan on buying any new chickens ((or ducks)) this year, aside from meat chickens. I’m going to rely now, on our chickens hatching their own. I mean, they hatched 3 last summer. But, our other girls killed two of them. After that, we took Grandma and the baby she hatched and gave them their own pen until Goose ((the baby)) was big enough to join the flock without getting killed by them. She got picked on a little bit when we reintroduced the two back into the flock, but nothing that isn’t uncommon, or life threatening to her. However, our excitement was ended abruptly.

We had dentist appointments in Bangor one morning, and I guess while we were gone, it got pretty windy here. ((We are an hour and a half away from Bangor)) When we got home, I noticed that somehow, the chicken house door had blown off and was laying on the ground. And it had fallen on Goose. I was angry and sad. All three hatched babies had their lives cut short. ((and the chicken door was fixed to be more secure so that would NOT happen again))

This Spring, our plan ((after some work on the front room of the house is done)) is to relocate the ducks and chickens down behind the house. They’ll get new coops, and bigger runs, and new land to forage. I’m so excited for that!

I’m also super excited for putting in the gardens this spring! We had two last summer, but this year, I’m going to have three. I’ve already drawn up the layout! And I’m currently looking at designs for a small farm stand. That’s what I want to do with my summer: run a farm stand, take care of the animals, and just be outside as much as possible.

Until then though, I’m just gonna complain about the cold until April rolls around.

I’ll be back, sometime… I dunno… <<<3333

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