new. self. 8.3.16
new. self. 8.3.16

Short version:
39. Mum to one boy who is a U.S. Soldier, and to 3 beautiful and amazing girls. Wife of 18 years to a man who deserves a medal for putting up with my irritating ass. Maine. Homeschooler. Photographer. Computer lady. Keeper of lots of birds.

Long-ish version:

We used to live in Massachusetts, but I feel like we’ve done more living since we came to Maine 8 years ago.

I homeschool my three girls, and our days are spent on working to make our land a homestead. Yes, that all started with chickens…and there’s still chickens ((22 of them)). And now ducks ((8 of those)). And possibly a pig in the near future, too.

When we’re not doing chores, or cooking, we love to watch movies! We watch a lot of RiffTrax, Bob’s Burgers ((that one is pretty obvious)), and lots of bad horror movies ((Our favorites are ‘Birdemic’ ((only the RiffTrax version)), ‘Birdemic 2’, ‘Ghost House’, to name a few)) . We’re fans of cooking shows ((Worst Cooks in America, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and two shows on Netflix called Somebody Feed Phil, and I’ll Have What Phil’s Having))

I’m pretty lousy at writing about myself, actually…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. kaypie says:

    Hey girl,

    This is only-zuul (Dana) from over at dA – will you add me as your friend or however it works so I can see your locked entries?

    If that’s not cool, that’s fine!



  2. yeah 🙂
    Um, as soon as I find out how to add people so you can see the locked entries…
    I only know how to *write* in this thing…
    I have no idea what all these other options do 😀

  3. Kim says:

    K so I’m definitely linking you over on mine =]

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