I don’t care about many things. Like, genuinely care about them. I blog about lots of different shit, and I don’t care who reads them, or how they feel about them.

Occasionally, you’ll see NSFW images ((always noted beforehand, because I’m classy nice like that)) of naked women, cause, well, just cause.

You should read this only if you’re a) old enough to see naked women, b) old enough to not be offended by naked women/swearing/sarcasm and all that interesting stuff. Don’t email me, or tell people my language offends you. Well, you can if you want, but just know that I don’t care, and it’s not going to change.

Also, I apologize for nothing.

I’ve created another blog, strictly for my photography. ((Unless that offends you, too…and in that case, I’m not sure why you’re even here…)) I won’t do a bit of blogging, or even talking there…At the moment, it’s not updated too frequently, but I’ll get on that.

Click here for the Photo Blog.

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